Hainan Islands tax-free shopping single time limit raised to 16,000 yuan

Updated: May 22, 2016  Views: 199

Beijing Youth Daily reporter 21 from the Hainan Provincial Tourism Committee was informed that starting this year, the maximum amount of a single Hainan Islands tax-free shopping will increase after the 8000-16000 yuan, visitors can be divided into multiple use, but the annual maximum amount You can not exceed 16,000 yuan.

According to the Hainan Provincial Tourism Committee of the relevant person in charge of the New Deal raised the tax-free shopping single tax exemption, and the cancellation of the frequency of purchase restrictions, but the total annual quota unchanged at 16,000 yuan. 'Visitors can single consumption , can be divided into multiple use, as long as the cumulative per year tax-free shopping limit to no more than 16,000 yuan. '

Earlier, foreign tourists to Hainan duty-free shopping, each exemption is only 8,000 yuan, up to two per year, with a total limit of 16,000 yuan. If there are no tourists at outlying purchase over 8000 yuan threshold, the remaining amount in the next times can not be used. for example, visitors to a particular purchase 3,000 yuan in Hainan duty-free, the rest does not run out when the time limit that is set aside 5,000 yuan, a year only 8,000 yuan shopping credits. after the policy change guests at a particular duty-free shops to buy duty-free goods after 3000 yuan, the next time you go to Hainan, still have tax exemption of 13,000 yuan can be used, and can be divided into multiple use exemption until 16,000 yuan is depleted.

In addition, Hainan duty-free goods for online sales also simultaneously opened a window can be tax-free shopping Islands visitors through online sales window, with the identification and boarding pass delivery point of delivery at the airport quarantine and carry Islands through online sales window to be tax-free shopping strict implementation of the relevant provisions of the Islands tax policy.

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Traditional Chinese: 海南離島免稅購物額度單次提至16000元