9 total contracted investment of Qingyang City eighth group successfully signed 2.51 billion yuan in Yunnan project

Updated: May 22, 2016  Views: 212

Qingyang Network (Reporter Li Bin) May 17 to 20, Liu Hongtao, deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress, Vice Mayor Wang Qian led the city's 'China Guangcai Qingyang line upstream activities Long-cum-private' investment group VIII in Yunnan Province, to carry out investment activities, successfully signed nine projects totaling 2.51 billion yuan signed. 8 and relevant departments directly under the county (district) the person in charge to participate in investment activities.

In recent days, China Merchants Group has to Yunnan Hao Bang Group Limited, New Channels Enterprise Group Co., a super Yunnan Enterprises Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. for a field trip, and the docking negotiations on matters relating to cooperation.

18 pm, held in Kunming, China Merchants Group investment project promotion and project signing ceremony presided Hongtao, Wang Qian caused Recommend words. Wang Xiaofeng, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, Yunnan, Gansu, Yunnan and Gansu, the Secretary-General Chamber of Commerce more than 100 natural hair enterprises attended the seminar.

After watching the videos in the city, said Liu Hongtao, Qingyang is a hot spot for investment, development of broad prospects and great potential and hope that entrepreneurs travel to Qingyang active investigation, assured investment. Wang Qian site promotion oil coal chemical industry, infrastructure, cultural tourism, industrialization of agriculture, education and other 10 categories 277 investment projects, called on counties (districts), the relevant departments to actively promote the implementation of the project docking catch, ensuring that the project 'bear fruit.'

After active negotiations docking, Xifeng and Yunnan pine Investment Management Co., Ltd. signed Longdong mall renovation project, and Chongqing Goh Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. signed an environmental protection industry chain project; ring county signed with Yunnan pine Investment Management Ltd. ring county well-off two homes Furun project; Heshui County, Yunnan Yifeng market development Co., Ltd. signed a Heshui County Hongda Guosheng trade logistics project; Zhengning county Yunnan Bito fruit biotechnology Co., Ltd. signed a Tan supercritical fluid extraction projects, and Pu'er Lianzhong biological resources development Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive development project basil; county of Yunnan green Wo Trading Company signed a development project of Chinese herbal medicine industry, and cloud Nanhan Rui technology Co., Ltd. signed a county District motor vehicle driver training test center construction projects; Huachi Kunming Lite biotech Co., Ltd. signed the vetiver cultivation and industrial development projects.

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