Bear market bear market mentality has been accepted to become operation this premise

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[Bear market bear market mentality has been accepted as a prerequisite for the operation to become]

Stock as we expected before, in 2800 continue to form a horizontal platform, a large L-shaped trend is technically entirely from the stock rebounded to confirm the completion of the adjustment, it is already the second L, an L-shaped prior experience in sideways position 10 days, and the current trend of the L, tomorrow is the tenth day sideways, time and variable point near from the center of gravity, the center of gravity sideways before the move, so the only continuous Smother two days, while the center of gravity of the moment is down sideways, so you need to Smother bounce, bounce if there is no amount of killing or stuffy, as no amount of bounce everything I say is bullying.

From long-term point of view I personally feel that the focus of the market or to the downward trend is still down, the bear market has not yet ended, apparently since the beginning of the A-share stock market crash it into a bear market, bear fast first phase has been completed, it is slow bear phase, which may not be so painful, but the loss is realized slowly, when you look back, only to find very heavy losses, called zero-cut meat hurt. of course, we all say that only in the slow phase of the bear mainly based on the following considerations:

1, thin trading typical bear market characteristics, the amount of energy slowly decline, showing a step down before the 200 billion is the norm, and the norm is 150 billion, 120 billion is now the norm, the norm soon 1000 is one hundred million, the reason is that the stock is constantly reduced, some of the foresight of the people are not buying, but selling, Lock or more people are not concerned about the stock market, leading to falling prices and are immeasurable, unmanned attention to market expectations a bull market yet not possible.

2, two-speed balance continues to decline, as of last Thursday the two financial balance of 826.7 billion, the basic level and 14 at the end of the same level, we said that the market prices pushed up the money, the money is flowing out of the market decline led to , and now the lever is still falling, of course, is not likely to rise, the stock market is that the rebound, or the game is immeasurable.

3, from a subjective point of view of the wishes and aspirations of the market, our target is to reduce, it is estimated to go up or run more, that the bear market mentality has been formed, and the fact that we are receiving, or is the next Lock, or is despair, because no logical prices.

However, we expect a small bounce up and down is never easy, so a rebound is normal, and we feel that at any time this week, the market may rebound, but how much space operation, we really can not think, from the technical point of view, the current rebound biggest goal is 2905, and the rebound also need to have the amount of support, infinite rebound or to sell the main, I recommend most investors, for such a rebound is best not to participate, you need to this level is not waiting for a rebound, because this rally running slow or beaten, but most people are rising up for the sake of more up, and often run out.

Recent large market, we found that the discount rate were divided, which provides an outlook of market differentiation evidence, and the City Break GEM stocks significantly enlarged, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange main board discount most stocks began to shrink, and often there are also premium turnover, and we can see a strong stock Budie GEM may occur at any time, if the market continues to go bear, the next major market risk in the GEM and strong stocks.

Now the market is more opportunity in the dish, while the stock is T + 1 transactions, it is very easy to be bored to kill, we expect Hong Kong and Shenzhen through the introduction of dashed, the voice of renewed Fed rate hike, but we still think the Fed is not a high probability will raise interest rates, we still think the stock market should eat in late June, five poor six absolutely, people always have a secondary food market, we are now waiting for the second time this year.

This week, a slight rebound at any time to start, because not go down, but the limited rebound, can participate or not to participate, but also to participate in Kuaijinkuaichu bear market trend grab stuttering is not easy, not suitable for most. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 熊市已被接受熊市思維已成操作要以此為前提