Peking University Professor Cai Hongbin On the western development should be passive development to self-development

Updated: May 22, 2016  Views: 189

Huaxi Dushi Bao (Reporter Zhao Yaru 22, when the Guanghua School of Management Dean Cai Hongbin participate in Chengdu Guanghua southwest forum that western development has been carried out for 16 years, but now must jump out west to further develop investment in fixed assets, infrastructure facilities, resources and energy development, security at the end of transfer payments and other 'old ideas' from passive to develop self-development, investment in physical capital from the main steering human capital investments.

Peking University Professor Cai Hongbin On the western development should be passive development to self-development

Cai Hongbin pointed out that the gap between regional development is not narrowing but widening. In the county per capita GDP, for example, China's highest and lowest gap of nearly a hundred times so far. More importantly, if we look at the growth of county rate, you will find a better rate of development rather than growth in the region is relatively backward region slightly faster.

'One of 'Thirteen Five' plan called the coordinated development of the concept of the five, which coordinated regional development is to coordinate the development of the most important elements, the overall strategy for regional development on the further implementation of the western development or, Northeast, Central China.' Said Cai Hongbin 'thirteen five' related to further promote the development of the western content is very rich, but the main practices and planning or investment in fixed assets, infrastructure construction, energy resources development, transfer payments on the main content of these past sixteen years these practices really necessary, but if you want to achieve coordinated development of the new era of this goal is clearly not enough.

Thus, the western development of the next phase must introduce new ideas. Cai Hongbin believe except fixed assets investment, infrastructure construction, transfer payments and other traditional ways, the western development should be developed from passive to self-development. 'Really good development of the Western Region rely on endogenous, external force is always boost power. 'said Cai Hongbin, China is facing a major reform of state-owned enterprises, etc. can be a pilot in the west.

In addition, in order to counteract coastal megacities called 'siphoning' phenomenon, we should give full play to the combined effect of the western major cities in the west poly popularity, gather talent. 'Cities like Chengdu should play a greater and more special effects, the substance capital investment in human capital investment mainly based steering. ' Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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