The stock market becomes a little simple, but you become a little easier.

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See a friend message said backstage, adhere to go to write, felt some comfort, or insist on watching a friend recently wrote no reason, be more of it, not to explain, in short, as far as possible adhere to write it after.

Recent market seems to be cautious, and the one in the current index position shrinkage adjustments for a long time this time we are waiting to see the direction of the choice of k .399101 line graph as follows:

The stock market becomes a little simple, but you become a little easier.

Some say My Thoughts:

1, the index down little space, 3000 near the mill too long to kill the next space is relatively small personal feel, now is the time for space.

2, the recent pressure from the US dollar interest rates, the Fed reduced the table from the point of view, we are worried that this hike rehearsal, but I really feel that, in turn, seems to be if so, the pace a little big, the economy is really good to this point up, and shrink the table and raise interest rates? Although the number is not shrinking, but the two-step together, the time interval if too close, I think the probability is low, so I tend to be small probability of rate hike in June. now the market high expectations, once the June meeting dovish bias is a positive.

3, continue to be optimistic on the stock market and a half weeks, the number of days wear too much, so always look to rebound, since you do not go down gotta go up, but for how long, I do not know yet.

4, referring to the stock market in 2008 .07 highs lasted for 1 year, 15 years started to decline year period of time the node is coming soon. Shrinkage adjustments, expected to open a new secondary market.

5, the above analysis is purely nonsense, remember this is a prediction, that is to take 99% intend to do wrong, so if you do not achieve the above, how would I do, this is the need to think about. If you start fell to panic, then you deserve to lose money, because it is assumed when not assume one kind ah. for me, I intend that in case of systemic risk, then I would withdraw part, otherwise I will not change , choose a high margin of safety performance of shares, holding just fine. Do not want to bite into fat.

After this year I have repeatedly mentioned about the recent short-term operation easier to hit the face of things. Why not choose some of the excellent performance of growth stocks, low valuation when buying, waiting for the valuation and then sell high, make your stock investment becomes simple to do so?

Your reward is to play my little motivation to write articles, how many do not care? Only care is not really a common investment philosophy in support, although the majority party in the world to reach out, not necessarily pay to obtain only know, but I certainly believe there is genuine support of friends, let me see how many? Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 把股市變的簡單一點,而你變的輕松一點。