Slow rebound in steel prices difficult business pressures

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Slow rebound in steel prices difficult business pressures

Recently, the steel market price trend rebounded, some profit per tonne of steel prices increased, but most of the steel mills profit enterprises represent the present and substantial growth in the current steel prices are still generally face greater pressure to survive.

Steel prices rebound

According to Zhuo record information analyst Xu Haibin introduced recently, Zhuo record information to monitor the country 48 major cities in construction steel prices rose 11 cities, prices fell in 17 cities, 20 cities prices steady. Among them, the Beijing market down 40 yuan / ton, Hegang thread Pang 12 millimeters (mm / 2360 yuan / ton, Pang 14 ~ 32mm / 2260 ~ 2270 yuan / ton, Pang 20mm / 2280 yuan / ton, plate, screw 2410 yuan / ton, the Shanghai market, the main stable, Shagang Lo 2280 yuan / ton, Yonggang / transit screw 2240 ~ 2250 yuan / ton, West Lo 2230 yuan / ton, Wing steel plate 2480 yuan / ton, transit plate 2480 yuan / ton, Sha steel plate 2500 yuan / tons, Laiwu market back up 20 to 30 yuan / ton, 2350 yuan Laiwu three screw / ton, Pang 12mm / 2470 yuan / ton, Pang 14mm / 2420 yuan / ton, Hefei market fell 50 yuan / ton, Maanshan Iron and Steel threaded 2460 yuan / ton, wire 2580 yuan / ton, plate, screw 2640 yuan / ton. 'recently, some of the resources billet price rose 70 yuan / ton, the price of snails also rebounded, steel, steel, building materials prices showed a rise in most regions, the rate of increase in the 20 to 70 yuan / ton in Shandong Province building materials market, for example, a second-tier mainstream resources back up 20-30 yuan / ton, Laiwu Laiwu market rebar price from 2320 yuan / ton rose to 2350 yuan / ton. SMEs have the resources section rose 20 yuan / ton, such as Min Xin Xin Cheng, Kam crown, gold plate, screw Kong resources. 'Xu Haibin expressed.

For the current steel market prices rebounded, Xu Haibin on the one hand that the billet of snails, including the spot steel prices early fall rate is too large, there is a need to adjust the back up, the rally is a modification of the earlier decline, on the other hand, billets, of spiro prices show a rebound, especially slab resources reproduction nervous manufacturers has raised, which gives optimism to support stock market sentiment improved. in addition, the mainstream steel prices, steel trading business had previously held a coordination meeting, it is recommended to stabilize the market, while steel trading business more pessimistic on the outlook for ship-based, still showing a continuous decline in steel prices, super-low frequent, part of the mainstream steel prices reiterated strict price policy, the spot steel prices stabilized stabilized also played a effect. 'However, for now, the downstream end demand is not optimistic about the steel trade after replenishment ship willingness is not high, is expected to rebound in steel prices is mainly the amendments to the pre-crash, or short-term behavior, after adjustment of the steel material is still falling space. 'Xu Haibin expressed.

Steel enterprises operating pressures are not reduced

Zhuo record information from reporters learned that recently, the market price sheet Granada rose from 700 to 1,000 yuan / ton, part of the profit per tonne of steel prices also increased to 700 to 800 yuan / ton. However, a lot of steel prices, said the current steel and not much profit at all.

In this regard, Zhao Lili Zhuo record information analysts said the reasons for this are many. 'First of all, funding tensions still exist, steel prices in recent years has been in a loss state, many bank loans are relatively mills cautious or even refuse to lend to steel mills in the first half of this year, steel prices to increase profits, banks began noisy, after running out of steel prices to repay the loan, plus a bank loan approval for new steel mills are not happy, so the steel prices in the capital the surface is still tight, is reasonable. Secondly, steel enterprises to actively resume production increase, after rising as steel profit before discontinued or steel mills have cut production complex plan, some steel mills have resumed production resulting in crude steel production tends to increase. April crude steel production was 69.42 million tons, an increase of 0.5%. mills currently operating rate is still in slow recovery, crude steel production is expected to increase or May, when the steel market will enter a vicious cycle state. 'Zhao Lili representation.

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