January-November Azerbaijan Industrial output fell 3.3%

Updated: May 22, 2016  Views: 191

According to Azerbaijan State Statistics Committee, from January to November industrial output value of 31 billion A horse that special (about $ 39.5 billion, compared with last year, fell by 3.3%, of which non-oil industrial products output increased by 7.4. %, oil and gas output value of industrial products fell 5.3%.

In industrial output, the mining sector accounted for 75.7%, the manufacturing industry accounted for 18.8%, electricity and gas industry accounted for 4.9%, 0.6% water and waste disposal.

A 2011 industrial output value of 34.5 billion that special horse, down 5%.

Note: $ 1 = 0.7849 horse Linate

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Traditional Chinese: 1-11月阿塞拜疆工業總產值同比下降3.3%