Kunming selected small and micro business entrepreneurs innovation base model city

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In February, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry and other five ministries jointly issued << 2016 report on the organization of small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation base city demonstration notice >>, recently Kunming in 21 candidate cities stand out, successfully selected model city. after becoming a model city, from 2016 onwards for three consecutive years, Kunming will receive financial support for the central government 3 billion a year earmarked for small and micro enterprises to create entrepreneurial innovation base model city. Kunming why small businesses can successfully selected entrepreneurial innovation base model city? as a model city, what will bring positive impact Kunming and small micro-enterprise innovation?

Why Selected

Good basis 'double hit' emboldened enough

'Kunming has been able to start small and micro businesses shortlisted innovation base model city, analyze the causes, and the special status of Kunming, a good foundation about entrepreneurship and innovation.' 'Double hit' leading group responsible person, Kunming is the country 'along the way' , a collection of major national strategic point of the Yangtze River economic belt, BCIM economic corridors, play a key supporting role in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Secondly, Kunming has 'a city driven by the province's' exemplary role in Kunming, Yunnan Province concentrated over 75% of high-tech enterprises and strategic emerging industries, gathering more than 90 percent of the province's scientific research institutes, universities and more than 70 percent of scientific research personnel, has 43 institutions of higher learning, research institutes, 55, 578 high-tech enterprises, the province is the main engine driving innovation, which are the main source of entrepreneurial innovation and security.

If the unique geographical advantages determine Kunming has a good 'natural conditions', then Kunming to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in recent years, significant work achievements, was to create a model city has laid a good foundation. At present, all kinds of built in Kunming entrepreneurship and innovation base 272, with a total construction area of 10.8 million square meters. set up a group of business students, featured industrial park, farmers entrepreneurship demonstration bases for enterprises to reduce 210 million yuan fee places. foster public service platform 139 , nonprofit public service organization 57, 141 Engineering Research Center, Key laboratory of 71, 475 enterprise technology centers, industrial technology innovation and strategic alliances 58, including national public service demonstration platform (57 agencies, provincial 418.

Kunming through government procurement of services, operating subsidies, business subsidies and other ways for small businesses to provide basis for government, business employment, technological innovation, trade flows, business exhibition and other one-stop service. Release the 'political bancassurance enterprises', 'Choi Park credit to help enterprises ',' two 10 yuan, 'and other financing measures in 2015, small businesses get loan application rate of 92.4 percent, 151.6 billion yuan loan balance.

At the same time deepening the reform, the introduction of around eight aspects of entrepreneurial innovation space, public service system, industry guidance and other policy documents 97. Compression administrative examination and approval, approval of the project from the original 1016 Diaojian to 75. Implement tax concessions, 2015 total tax relief for small and micro enterprises 575 million yuan, benefiting 160,000.

How to Promote

3 years 50 billion will be leveraging social capital

Selected demonstration cities, Kunming will be how to promote the work to a new level double hit, good national model? Municipal Development and Reform Commission relevant responsible person said, the next three years, double hit demonstration area will be fully expanded. New national demonstration area in Yunnan Yunnan New Kunming national Hi-Tech industrial Development zone, Kunming national economic and technological Development zone, Dianchi national Tourism Resort, Yangzonghai national scenic area as the core engine areas to Wuhua, Panlong, the main city and Chenggong five Anning as demonstration areas to Dongchuan, Luquan eight counties to promote synergy area, focus driven, global expansion, the formation of Yunnan and Kunming New 'wheel drive, integration and development', counties (urban 'complementary advantages, promote synergy' demonstration pattern, radiation and leading the development of other parts of Yunnan.

Through plate stock, the amount of amplification, transformation idle mode warehouse, industrial plants, commercial buildings and other expanding space, three years later, Kunming will add double hit base space 277, the building area 11.41 million square meters, and the number of platforms to achieve doubling the area.

Expanding financing through a variety of ways to set up the fund, business loans, risk compensation, guarantee and re-guarantee, efforts to solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises, financing your problem in the environment is optimized, rigorously clear norms SheQi administrative approval Front services and charges. encourage and guide research institutes, large and medium sized companies to share development resources to small and micro enterprises have moved and technological achievements.

In the project the cultivation, the implementation of key characteristics of small and micro enterprises cluster projects focus on building national culture of creativity and flowers as the representative of the plateau characteristic agriculture small and micro enterprise clusters, the implementation of scientific and technological innovation dream project, identified more than 300 science and technology public a space for innovation and entrepreneurship dream mentor, the implementation of information technology to enhance the project, the government purchased promote small and micro enterprise cloud management software, start small businesses two of the depth of integration projects more than 20, the implementation of brand famous training projects, small and micro enterprises to add applications for trademark registration above 8000 the number above the provincial level quality, brand-winning small and micro enterprises reached 100, the implementation of '000 enterprises into the community' project, to create 'Spring City Hui life' service platform to help small and micro enterprises to expand the market.

It is understood that the next three years, Kunming, local government will invest 2.13 billion yuan, leading to social capital investment of 500 billion yuan. By 2018, small businesses added 227,000 jobs, compared with 2015 growth of more than 38% of new increase the number of enterprises 405 800, representing an increase of more than 32% in 2015, revenues accumulated 1.5954 trillion yuan, an increase of 35% over 2015 technology contracts turnover of 1.95 billion yuan, with 14,364 patents, than the 2015 growth nearly doubled.

What good

Public service there is a large market

Last August, King maker space located in the Jinding Xuefu Science Park was established, 'Chen Chong public goods' has become the first settled in the public a space of small and micro enterprises. This is a company specializing in Yunnan creative 'Souvenir' Product development company, through online sales, offline experience O2O model has always been to promote the province of Yunnan tourists specialty products.

'Chen Chong public goods,' says co-founder of Guo Xiaofeng, settled maker space, fancy is the basis for the government to provide the park, talent docking, as well as parks and other small businesses the advantage of sharing resources, which is precisely what the platform with entrepreneurial innovation irreplaceable function. 'as a start-up business, company registration, financial, legal and other services essential to enter the park can be a total one-stop service basis, in addition to be able to find people in the park, at the same time and peer sharing of resources, which development of small and micro enterprises are very critical. '

Guo Xiaofeng believes that the current across the country are seeking to develop innovation and entrepreneurship support, Kunming named after a small micro-enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship base model city, new development is expected to expand in terms of vector double hit. 'Entrepreneurial platform is a bridge, he can dock social capital, the only way the internet more and more to be able to attract social capital to help small and micro enterprises to achieve win-win results. 'for the future of the upcoming new entrepreneurial base and create public space, Guo Xiaofeng recommendation should play features, industry-aggregate premise, 'after all, most of the public a space infrastructure are similar, industry concentration, it will be more obvious characteristics, docking, the allocation of resources will be more professional.'

In Guo Xiaofeng opinion, public services provided by the Government is a resource to guide social capital into public services, small and micro enterprise development is a good thing, and public service platform itself is a whole new market, he said, 'Recently, pig such a small micro-enterprise service platform settled in Kunming, I noticed that the cost of such a platform is not high, but also to small and micro enterprises to effectively solve some of the requirements, it is possible to simplify a lot of business costs, such a service platform should be a few more, If you can make the characteristics of the industry, will be more attractive. '(Kunming Daily Reporter Mao Yun heart

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Traditional Chinese: 昆明入選小微企業創業創新基地示範城市