Benchmarking shortcomings, efforts to implement the table and win new advantages

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Find the gap, analyze problems, to help identify the location base, clarify ideas, the formation of the atmosphere than the science to catch up

- Strengthen research planning, grasp the industry development trend, aimed at no 'ceiling' of the big industries, new industries

Building strategic new industry cluster development base, is to promote supply-side structural reforms of specific actions, it is to nurture the development of new dynamics of the inevitable choice.

By 2015, the province's first strategic emerging industry cluster development base of industrial output value 308.27 billion yuan, an increase of 19.7%, higher than the above-scale industrial 11 percentage points above the base and provincial innovation platform reached 347, an increase of 22 ......% expansion, speed, quality improvement, since last year, the provincial government since the establishment of the first 14 bases, bases success.

Contains profound meaning behind the numbers. Decision Sciences, accurate path, in line with the central requirements, meet the practical Anhui, base reflects the industrial clusters, intensive development, in line with the current trend of industrial revolution, seize the initiative in the restructuring and development, the development of new advantages to win.

'Thirteen Five' the first year, new industrial bases into the new stage of development, sprint in front of the first quarter of this year, the base for the development to maintain good posture, industrial output grew 14.1%, higher than 8.1 percentage points above-scale industries fixed asset investment grew 46.6%, higher than the total fixed asset investment growth rate 35.2 percentage points.

May 21 afternoon, the strategic emerging industry cluster development project scheduling will be held. Up to more than four hours non-stop, 'thought the collision', the meeting insisted problem-oriented, proactive benchmarking shortcomings, active table implementation.

Consider some of the new stage means that new challenges arise, from pay enough attention -

From the third-party evaluation to see, and some of the city to get the base brand, also got funds, substantive operation is slow, and some of the city park directly to the base construction work, the main leaders, leaders in charge failed to do both in command and battle, some of the city is the city and county, city and leading enterprises, 'mismatch' phenomenon, inadequate resources integration, jointly formed is not strong.

The new phase of the birth of a new power, there are some problems, due to the development of clear thinking -. 'Some industry unfocused, some key aspects of the development of core industries not allowed to grasp, some do not do a good job combining articles lacking a clear plan and the accelerating strategy. 'when the third-party evaluation, the experts Watch crucial.

Not open around the problem squarely in the sights, the difficulties are the only choice. Ideas determine the strategic achievements of the future. Scheduling will be put forward, 'Strengthening research planning, grasp the industry development trend.' 'In the emerging strategic industries which make a fuss, aimed at development those without ceiling big industry, a new industry, with the development of new space to cultivate the development of new momentum, pioneering the development of new space with the development of new impetus. '

From the good outside the brain, strengthening cooperation with specialized research institutions to help clarify ideas, to establish a global vision, to become experts in the development of the industry from the combination of good articles, the actual direction of industrial development and the combination of local development, both to long-term perspective, but also down to earth, and enhance planning of forward-looking guidance and operability. scheduling the meeting, a series of new ideas of new decisions to help identify the location of each base, clarify ideas, the formation of more than catching up atmosphere, bases steady stream injected new impetus.

Prominent project-driven, relying on leading enterprises to carry out precision investment, industrial chain investment, professional investment

- You can not pick up the basket are food intake, really conducive to the introduction of a number of industrial upgrading, cluster development companies

Bengbu silicon new materials industry cluster development base with one hand and local enterprises to cultivate the one hand and attracting large storm new glass design institute a comprehensive revenue exceeded 12 billion yuan, becoming the country's leader, Fang Xing Technology, the Air Sanxin become display glass, photovoltaic The front glass segments 10 companies. 'At present, the base has 93 above-scale enterprises, of which more than 1 billion yuan annual output value of enterprises 6.' Bengbu city government responsible comrades said.

Rules and layout, to learn to grasp the key to development. By 2015, the province's base scrolling implementation of major projects 544, a total investment of 398.5 billion yuan. To complete the annual investment in fixed assets 63.09 billion yuan, an increase of 31.2% leading enterprises to accelerate growth. JAC pure electric vehicles, China Xuan Tech, Ai Fute Wuhu, Fuyang Baker medicine, iFLYTEK, Bengbu glass Design Institute and other leading companies to further enhance the strength ......

However, an overview of the province's base, some deep difficulties still exist, substantial progress project slow market response sensitivity is not high enough, the combined effect is difficult to fully play like.

Behind the problem, there is insufficient reason to support major projects.

Some base of leading enterprises are neither big, but not strong, the lack of core businesses such as BOE, Gree, Siemens, BSH so internationally competitive, many companies and projects small and scattered, the industry less competitive.

Behind the dilemma, there is a high degree of concentration of the park is not a problem.

As carrier base construction, a number of small-scale development of the park as a whole, industrial layout scattered in lengthening chain, extending the value chain even more effort, the industrial level to be improved, the scale effect is not significant.

'Not according to the industrial development needs of the implementation of precision investment, there is no inter-enterprise industry association, industrial clustering effect would be difficult to give full play.' Scheduling will be not the slightest evasive dodge, enlightening.

Rational face problem, blind contempt desirable, needs calm deep insight and solid work down to earth.

The province put forward, by 2017, a single base of the chain enterprise output value reached 50 billion yuan, or 3 years to double. The reality is this shore, the goal is the other side, the project is to reach the other side of the bridge and ship only item floor, achieve the goal of one hundred billion output value only starting point and ending point.

'Around key chain, increase investment, strengthen the planning of major projects, the promotion of industrial development on the value chain.' Municipal or county government, there are industrial parks to focus the direction of the market outlook, the core focus on the industrial chain links, a thorough plan good batch industry outlook, strong ability to lead high-quality projects. adjust the stock, so gifted incremental. 'the quasi-base industrial development direction, relying on leading enterprises, independent brands and other quality stock resources, think globally, down to earth, to carry out precision investment, industrial chain investment, professional investment, the introduction of a number really conducive to industrial upgrading, cluster development business. 'this became the base for attracting large and strong future of a distinct orientation.

And enhance innovation capability, strengthen the financial support of their efforts to build policy Heights

- Seeks to introduce a talent team, a breakthrough in high-end technology, the birth of a new industry

Accelerate the construction of Hefei ICC platform to promote the 'space particles' approved national public a space to speed up the hearing fly voice technology based on innovation and entrepreneurship to support incubator, a automation giant went to set up branch offices in Munich, Germany ...... Hefei adhere to lead innovation, innovation base the ability to further improve. By 2015, the base 342 authorized patents, the first quarter of this year, the new base 129 invention patents.

Innovation is the key support strategic emerging industry cluster development in today's world, who take a good scientific and technological innovation and this step moves the upper hand, who will be able to grab opportunities to win advantage.

The other hand, the province of the base, innovation ability is still a big short board. Some base platform for innovation, creativity, innovation and advanced industrial base, there is still a wide gap between the amount of invention patents, technology contracts trading the amount, the number of high-tech enterprises, research and development platform and so did not reflect the 'superior.'

'To strengthen the innovation platform construction, research and development of key technologies, to enhance the level of industrial development.' Provincial Development and Reform Commission responsible comrades said, for example, the new display Hefei forward-looking technology base needed to accelerate the layout, building a number of new display development platform, enhanced ability to continuously innovate, enhance the industry's core competitiveness. As another example, the robot base Wuhu need to improve basic research and development capabilities, strengthen the construction of major internet bot detection center.

The province actively guide more capital to invest in the field of strategic and emerging industries, increase the cultivation of high-tech enterprises, to accelerate the capital, technology, personnel and other resources to gather, optimize the allocation of resources. 'At present, the amendments expand the perfect innovative province supporting policies form covering the development of innovation-driven chain '6 + 1 + 2' policy system. 'provincial Science and Technology Department responsible comrade, strategic emerging industrial base has more than 750 enterprises, universities and research institutes such as access to provincial funding grants 660 million yuan. policy this year to honor the preliminary statistics covering strategic emerging industrial base of about 990 companies, an increase of 140 over last year.

Talent is the core of innovation. Introduction of capital as good as the introduction of technology, the introduction of technology not as good as the introduction of talent. 'To create a talent, their talent, make the best use of the favorable environment, focusing on the introduction of high-level talent and innovation team, subject to the employer decentralization, talent relaxed, and take innovation and entrepreneurship, living residence, accompanied by family members and other aspects of schooling attractive employment policies, and strive to introduce a talent team, a breakthrough in high-end technology, the birth of a new industry. 'scheduling will be clear.

To this end, the provincial government continue to improve industrial development, fiscal support, security and other elements of policy support, to create policy Heights. Last year the provincial fiscal devote 20 billion yuan of special funds to support the unprecedented intensity. On land, continue to base major land for construction projects needed to implement the declaration, the provincial reserve of construction land in priority to solve. development of any industry are inseparable from financial innovation. industry development Fund set up in Anhui, the province is to promote high-tech industrial capital and financial capital depth docking, a powerful starting point to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading and innovation-driven development, the total size of 80 billion to 100 billion yuan, the initial size of 60 billion yuan, provincial investment Group, Credit insurance guarantee Group has now officially launched the operation. province is actively guide financial institutions to increase credit base, expand the 'tax integration 'business, applications Xudai bridge funds,' 4321 'a new governance model of cooperation and other silver bear at the base, financial services base to go live this game. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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