On the "2016 Year of the first patent pledge loan discount, posted fee funds" publicity

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The relevant units:

<< Bengbu City, according to patent pledge loan management approach >> (mussels Zheng (2011) 149, the relevant requirements, approved, intended to honor 12 companies 12 pen patent pledge loan discount, posted a total fee of 102.2595 million yuan, now 'the first half 2016 patent pledge loan discount fee schedule posted' to be public (see annex, publicity period of five working days with effect from May 10, 2016, if any objections, please public notice period to Bengbu City Science and technology and Intellectual Property Office real name, in writing.

Contact Department: Patent Management Division

Tel: 0552-2046270

Address: Bengbu City, Victory Road 89

Postal Code: 233000

Bengbu City of Science, Technology and Intellectual Property Office

May 10, 2016

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Traditional Chinese: 關於“2016年度第一批專利權質押貸款貼息、貼費資金”的公示