Wanda will create a "content + scene" as a new model of development

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One plate Wanda Cinema as a business development the most outstanding performance in the field of asset-light, in this year's development, moves frequently, the pace of innovation and reform go far bigger, fully underlines Wanda Wanda Cinema CEOs want to promote a world-class hospital line operators ambition and courage. Wanda Cinema since its inception, has acquired Shimao, thick products, Ona, Australia HOYTS other domestic and foreign theater companies, before the event until one day, but in a statement Wanda Cinema was officially announced to the price of 37.2 billion yuan integration belong Wanda Group Wanda Cinema, the American legend Wanda Pictures film under the shadow cast Qingdao and other resources are all reverted to its former acquisition of Wanda Cinema, Wanda Cinema's main business focus investment and construction, the film released in theaters, screening, and other film and television industry chain downstream integration, the use of video resources Wanda, Wanda cinema will be extended to the upper reaches of the movie business development, investment, production, interactive video tour and other fields, open up movie upstream and downstream industry chain. after Wanda movie, cinema and then seemingly in the traditional sense is not a lot of mutual love and Propaganda GEM interactive acquisitions over, you can fill the upstream and downstream industry chain Wanda cinema brand integrated marketing and film scenes interactive gaming experience gap, improve its film 360 IP ecosystem. it is learned that Wanda cinema Board of Directors has adopted this major asset restructuring the motion, Wanda cinema shareholders also agreed to the company's shareholders held by Wanda cinema total 100% share transfer to the Wanda Cinema, and all shareholders have signed up with Wanda Cinema << >> agreement issued shares to buy assets. Thus, from February this year, because it intends to acquire Wanda Television media Co., Ltd. and the United States legendary Pictures the company announced the suspension of reorganization of Wanda cinema, and finally launched a practical action and Wanda cinema of this action, primarily to integration of industrial chain, expand financing channels, strengthen the leadership of the market, the listed company to bring incremental. 'Wanda cinema also said that prior to the acquisition of Wanda cinema, its main business is focused on investment in building the theater, cinema film distribution, screenings and other film and television industry chain downstream, and after the completion of the transaction, will have Wanda Wanda cinema film 100% of the shares, so that by Wanda cinema movie to expand its business development, investment, production, field distribution, and other interactive video tours, open up the whole industry chain upstream and downstream on the film. However, the << International Finance >> reporter found Wanda Television also has a wealth of domestic and international film business resources, especially legendary Pictures, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company in early 2016 to about 23 billion yuan acquisition price. statistics show that legendary Pictures is a famous American film and television production company, its parent company, for the legendary entertainment business including movies, television, digital media and animation, etc., it has been produced, including << >> series Batman, Inception << >>, << hangover >>, << Jurassic World> > << >> and << Pacific Rim Superman: Iron footer >> and a series of large global influence, have been accumulated in the world to get more than 12 billion US dollars at the box office in 2016, legendary Pictures will be in the world. Release it. Wanda cinema theaters as the largest publisher, the acquisition makes Wanda Pictures adaptation of the game based on the movie << >> Warcraft better supported Wanda cinema example investment negotiations in Wanda Pictures when it more than a bargaining chip. Ni cool Pacific Securities analyst, said in an interview with reporters >> << International Finance News.

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Traditional Chinese: 萬達將開創“內容+場景”的全新發展模式