Executives from the bank to the former employee turnover continues to golden rice is being eclipsed

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Bank staff turnover constantly changing employment attitudes

What can save banks golden rice bowl

With the decline in profits, performance pressures increase, from bank executives to employees 'running away' phenomenon continues. Beijing Daily reporter recently learned that last year became the executives leave in a 'disastrous' joint-stock banks, is currently recruiting new employees directly recorded as the official establishment, which previously was used in large-scale dispatch system employees. the industry believes that the move rather 'to keep people' means, reveals the bank full of sincerity, but also pointed out that Bank of conservative system and the development of space limitations where chronic illness is the loss of personnel.

A substantial increase in the proportion of regular workers

According to a joint-stock bank staff, this year, the bank recorded as new hires all the formal establishment, had changed aggressively recruit labor practice of sending work, 'before another batch of new employees, the highest proportion of agency workers It can reach about 70%. '

Beijing Daily reporter survey found that state-owned big firms there are significant employment change in attitude. It is a state-owned bank employees, the previous state-owned big firms are prepared to send staff favorite, the total remains high, which two years to recruit salaried , dispatched workers at substantially reduced.

Another joint-stock bank teller said the bank, although not directly to the formal establishment of the new employee record, but the positive threshold for dispatched workers has decreased, in effect increased the proportion of formal workers.

The attitude of the banks in the past very different. Previously, banks in order to reduce costs, prefer to hire a lot of staff dispatch system, which is equivalent to labor companies 'borrow' staff, such as for the treatment of employees is very low, hidden benefits of regular employees basically no.

A city commercial credit department staff, said the bank official workers and dispatched workers five insurance payments amounted to a difference of 4 times, dispatched workers can not get the end of welfare. Dispatch workers two other banks at the end of bonus dividends, but At least two-thirds less than regular workers.

Want to work with the formal treatment 'equal footing', dispatch system employees have crossed the road to positive performance of several 'big mountain.' It is understood that the bank had given positive indicators without exception, are linked to performance, several thousand Wan deposits several hundred million loan so that the majority of employees do not have to rely on background boil years or rely on 'luck' to achieve.

Counter staff dispatch system is not easy. A City firm from leaving the teller to Beijing Daily reporter said he Counting, turn to play one hundred, currency translation and other business skills votes did not lose regular employees, there have been no do wrong business situation, but less than the bonus at least half of the regular workers. turnover want to do the work proved very ado, to and from the many trips between banks, service companies, the feeling is 'hurt grandma, uncle, do not love.' situation.

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Traditional Chinese: 銀行從高管到員工流失不斷 昔日金飯碗正在失色