First point is easy to rent the heart does not change, so that corporate assets and lighter

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Two years ago, a group of young entrepreneurs, with 'Internet +' mode of thinking, quietly launched a 'light asset management for enterprises to achieve' as the beginning of the heart of the computer equipment leasing platform for small and medium micro enterprises, start-ups achieve personalized service and customization that is the first domestic computer office equipment leasing electricity suppliers - easy to point the rent.

Ji Pengcheng and his core team

Yi Ji Pengcheng point rent CEO, Dr. Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, easy to point to rent founder in 2003 to create 'SKS boutique notebook', is now one of the country's largest retailer of used laptop.

With twelve years of experience in business management, Ji Pengcheng, 2014 founded the 'easy points rent', became the first office computer rental deposit Free electricity supplier.

Ji Pengcheng scholars not only has a unique style refined, more accurate analysis of the market judgment and grasp. Start at the beginning, it felt easy to point to rent their services to the market to bring fresh breath. Persistent business philosophy, accurate market positioning, unique brand of service, given the point and easy to rent a unique service in the SME market competitiveness, the company's rapid development paved the takeoff runway.

Easy point rented team gathered a lot of elites. As COO of Bin Master of Tsinghua University. Has worked for IBM, Ampang Insurance Group, Bank of Chengdu, has a wealth of experience in business service solutions, small and micro enterprises credit risk management experience and the company's management experience, also experienced extraordinary Deputy: Wang Wenhao a Bachelor of chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, senior computer hardware expert, worked Aeolus R & D Director, sales Director, to reach annual sales of 400 million yuan.

This 'elite school' core team, and they reflect together on common break proposition for enterprises to achieve 'light asset management', just two years, it has achieved good market performance. As of April 2016, is easy to spot rent business users over 3000, in a rented equipment over 30,000 units per month and continue to maintain 20% to 30% compound growth rate.

Before May 2015, point easily rent eligible Hong Taiji gold angel round of financing of 6 million yuan in October was awarded Jingwei capital cis capital 4.55 million US dollars A round of financing. Access to finance even more powerful and easy point to rent, business development in the ascendant.

Focus on customer value, providing customers with value

'As the first by docking enterprise credit, easy to point to rent for enterprises to provide fast, low-cost, high-quality office computer free deposit rental service, providing 10 office IT equipment leasing category, to help companies to dramatically reduce the cost of assets purchased, release management and operation and maintenance effort, enterprise asset-light operations, which is the same intention and purpose of the company. 'Ji Pengcheng said.

Easy Rent focus point focus customer value, providing customers with value, around the small and micro enterprises and start-ups demand points, continue to extend services and projects, the introduction of a number of corresponding preferential service attempt. Introduction of a corporate credit model, companies can lease without paying a deposit equipment, greatly improving customer stickiness Ji Pengcheng market introduction:

First flexibility of traditional enterprises, especially a lot of start-up companies, for example, a team of 20 people, may take a 7-8 ten thousand to buy 20 computers, many projects in fact, may terminate six months, or in the middle of the development needs change , drop a bunch of computers, many do not even unpacking. Therefore, we are often a variety of entrepreneurial circles, to see people transfer their venture failed computer, or PC mutual transformation, this relatively common. rent can easily point well to help them solve the problem of flexibility, we can increase or decrease according to the staff, very convenient to mix your own equipment, do not have any surplus assets, we do not have to pay for the redundant stuff. this is the first help enterprises solve flexibility problem.

The second is to help enterprises solve the problem of funding for start-ups, capital more valuable. For example, financing melt 100 million, set up a team of 10 people or 20 people, spent about 50,000 dollars, 100,000 money to buy equipment, in fact, it is not worth the investment spent about 5%, which is very inappropriate thing our 20 computers, a month rent to 2,000 dollars, then you can easily put them to use the computer costs shared equally to the monthly fee which, like rent, entrepreneurs rarely choose to rent in the rent, or pay once for 2 years, although it may be very cheap, but it will not pay a 1-year, 2-year rent to rent an apartment third, our leasing model is asset-light model in business operation which, from a financial perspective, only financially registration, do not do fixed assets. in addition we will cost a one-time purchase, shared equally 20 months, or two years or three years there. it's very average tax burden evenly spread in the past, so that the whole enterprise traffic, will become more stable. this asset-light business model, now more respected in the mainstream of foreign countries, the domestic much before. For example, in the United States, 59% of office computer use leasing to obtain, in Europe, there are 63% IT listed companies use equipment leasing mode, while in China, only 1.4% IT equipment leasing company uses listed mode. SMEs in China procurement of office equipment spends nearly 300 billion, of which corporate pc purchase cost about 160 billion, companies spend a huge amount on purchasing office computer. not only that, companies need to spend a lot of labor costs and energy management, asset purchase , management, operation and maintenance, disposal and a series of acts.

Fourthly, we have the product and the ability to mismatch with the whole, and this is our first core competitiveness of high profile computer program may be the crowd, do these people go to movies with low profile computer, will be relatively to the sales staff, which some people use on the computer does not demand particularly in performance, the level of mismatch of the computer usage time life of what is generally a company believes that three years extended to five years, six years. in this case, in order to achieve, we share, in order to allow each person to get the equipment, I use the term price, but also more cost-effective to buy than I am by the way this mismatch, the mismatch methods are very important capabilities you want mismatch during this device is ready. can not say that a person with a computer, the computer is not good there are some problems, you give the next person, you have to put the things in order, according to the point and easy to rent after factory delivery to the next a person, this can be done.

Foreseeable future bright

Conversation with Ji Pengcheng not difficult to find the cause of his great passion.

'Now is a time of the service. We have already started financing the next year to do three times faster financing is expected by the end of this year, rental equipment can almost reach 15 million units.' Ji Pengcheng corporate strategy development and planning is full of confidence.

He said that China in the office computer generates a lot of unnecessary expense, because the Chinese enterprises do not have the habit of leasing office equipment, in addition to the East-West differences in thinking of ideas, there is the Chinese computer office rental market vacancies.

Ji Pengcheng take the car to describe vision for the future: the future of my car, I need a car, I finger swipe, a car come to me, and I began to use, exhausted after, paid the fee, the car on the back. in fact, it can save more social aspects of human and material resources, to provide more convenient user experience.

'This scene is perhaps the future of Chinese office equipment leasing market.' He analyzed that, 'China's annual PC sales market, probably now about 70 million units, as of now regular update frequency, probably updated every five years. The market there are about 350 million units, according to half and half the family enterprise computing, enterprise computer around 170 million, which is a platter. now we can do the market ceiling should be at 6000-70000000 sets, lease definitely more than one-tenth of the will, because from the business circle inside our contacts informed customer service this tendency stronger. '

Customer-oriented values, will bring more customer value, customer value maximization, it will also be easy to point rental market expansion provide infinite potential can be expected, easy to point to rent in the restructuring and development with the times , there will be more play.

Perhaps one day soon, to change this use of office equipment, also quietly in our midst ...... Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 易點租初心不改,讓企業資產更輕