Sony developed the full avoid crash theme "God of War 4" or will be unveiled E3

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<< Ares >> series of games open business Santa Monica (Santa Monica studio is a Sony IP was canceled in terms of long ago, who announced the news today was canceled IP specific content.

Twitter user NerdLeaks issued a document today, Santa Monica was canceled Sony's IP is a sci-fi game under the background game is set on a strange planet, there are all kinds of strange creatures and dinosaurs above.

The game itself is very interesting theme, but the IP has been canceled Sony side. NerdLeaks previously broke the news on his blog site by querying Santa Monica << Ares >> Group of the original painting design personal website published a large number of original drawing area code confirmed << >> Ares 4 Nordic set. but after the site was blocked.

<< Previous exposure setting map Ares 4 >>

According to foreign media Gamerpur speculated that the reason the project was canceled because the game is likely to be the subject and << >> Killzone developer Guerrilla Games new work << horizon: dawn >> crash and comparison subjects, after who may be a little better quality.

<< Horizon: dawn >> game screen

The new IP was canceled, so that Sony Santa Monica focused on God of War 4 << >> development. According to previous information display, 4 >> << God of War will be released at this year's E3, so stay tuned.

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Traditional Chinese: 索尼避免題材撞車 全力開發《戰神4》或將亮相E3