Continues to expand effective investment to accelerate the restructuring and development

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May 20 afternoon, the Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Governor Yuan Jiajun research in Lanxi economic performance and expand effective investment work. He stressed the need to deploy in accordance with the decision of the provincial party committee, unswervingly take a good green development path, continues to expand efficient investment, accelerate economic transformation and upgrading, continue to promote sound and rapid economic development.

Deputy Secretary-General of the provincial government Xiahai Wei, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Liyan Yi, Jinhua city leaders Zhao Guangjun, Jin Zhongliang, Lanxi city leaders Zhurui Jun, Cai Yan, Ren Chunhui, Zhang Linan, Lanxi Economic Development Zone Director Zhiliang participate in research.

This year, Lanxi City, conscientiously implement the provincial complement short board << Several Opinions about >>, push forward the reform of the supply side, the economic and social development maintain a good momentum of economic operation, 1 to April, industrial output value realized on Regulation 25.24 billion yuan, an increase of 6.3%, 4.94 billion yuan added value of doing manual regulation, an increase of 8.7%, new product output value 7.25 billion yuan, an increase of 16.3%. contrarian upstream textile industry, output grew 9.27%, of which 16 industry leaders in the growth rate of more than 15%, stable development of the pharmaceutical industry, sales rate of 107.34 percent. industrial destocking accelerated pace, the city's above-scale industrial production of finished goods inventories fell 5.8%.

Expand effective investment, to April 1, Lanxi investment in fixed assets 6.71 billion yuan, an increase of 15.3%, 411 major projects in the province, the provincial key construction projects, the operating rate of Jinhua City key construction projects were 100%, 91.67%, 94.12%, respectively, completed an investment of 1.038 billion yuan, 5.46 billion yuan, 1.346 billion yuan to complete the annual plan of 38.16%, 35.07%, 35.40%.

Zhejiang million Yuan Jiajun and his entourage to the boat Textile Co., Ltd., Ningbo, Zhejiang Metal Technology Co., Ltd., Lanxi City Sports Center construction project site, Yao hub and lock construction site, Intel Pharmaceutical public medical logistics platform Jinhua Pharmaceutical Industry Center a project site, blue Lake Resort and other places, field trips to expand effective investment in key projects construction.

Textile Company in Wan Zhou, Yuan Jiajun depth workshop to view production operation, the company through the introduction of advanced equipment, and machinery substitutions, the transformation and upgrading of practice affirmed and encouraged business owners to firm and strengthen confidence in the real economy, increase technology innovation, restructuring and development continued to take a good path.

In Yongjin Metals, Yuan Jiajun watched about the company in precision stainless steel cold-rolled wide strip production and corporate research and development, and operation. He urged enterprises to continue to increase R & D efforts, adhere to high-end, personalized production routes, and constantly improve their overall strength, started the brand.

At the wellness center construction site, Yuan Jiajun support the health project in combination, in particular through the 'Internet +' Intelligent pension ideas affirmed. He hoped that the enterprises to combine large health industry development of the province, the sun in the pension industry explore a set of replicable good model, provide a model for the province and the country.

Qujiang shipping hub in Yao, Yuan Jiajun noted that the project on improving the province's transportation infrastructure, to revive the glory Lanxi waterways are of great significance, to complete the construction tasks on time and durability, and strive to create quality works.

Yuan Jiajun also traveled Intel Pharmaceutical logistics platform project site, requiring the owners of units in-depth research platform operating mode, speed up cargo turnover, improve operational efficiency, enhance the per mu output.

Research, Yuan Jiajun also visited the planning and construction of the Blue Lake Resort. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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