Weekly methanol futures: futures prices premium, methanol prices decline narrowed

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 266

Summary and operational recommendations: First, the spot price: As of May 20, Jiangsu Province spot price 1875-1880 yuan / ton, Lunan spot price 1850-1860 yuan / ton, Inner Mongolia region spot price 1720-1760 yuan / ton, port and no significant change in the price of the mainland, limited futures prices fell Second, the port inventory: As of may 19 the coastal areas (Jiangsu, Zhejiang and southern China) in inventories 660,600 tons of methanol, methanol coastal overall increase to the overall supply of tradable close to 207,600 tons for the late arrival, the estimated amount of coastal import cargo to the port of ten thousand tons at 16.20-17 three plant operating rates: as of May 19 the overall domestic methanol plant operating load of 60.94 percent last week the chain fell 3.94%; 61.16% of the Northwest started last week fell 5.76% during the week, although Gansu Huating and other devices to restart, but Shenhua Ningxia coal methanol plant unexpectedly shut down for maintenance operations on a marked decline in operating result, affected by the. days late co-founder and driving influence the downstream olefin plant operating rates decline, so that the current supply and demand contradiction of methanol, recommend appropriate reduction empty one can only profit.

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Traditional Chinese: 甲醇期貨周報:期貨價格小幅貼水,甲醇期價跌幅收窄