Weekly securities industry: preparing for "winter", and information management business is facing steering

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 499

By domestic and international economic, financial and environmental impact of the management changes to increase targeted under supervision, return to the market is very obvious trend of weak shocks, future securities companies are facing a variety of financial risks, can be expected, the entire brokerage industry will be difficult to achieve like last year's outstanding performance. the operating data fell sharply in April, will enable brokers 'rainy day', to make a long-term deal with the sluggish market ready. May 18, Founder Securities announced layoffs internally, issued a < <start on organizational efficiency project notification >>, and made it a strategic priority to promote as an annual, officially opened the prelude to the securities industry shedding workers.

Securities and Capital Markets contact extremely close, asset management, investment banking are in the service business of the whole industry chain, capital market, the whole industry chain to play a particularly large role in the future of the securities company's innovative focus. Funds and assets for effective docking has become a securities company information management business to proactively manage important direction, in addition to the share pledge mature business aspects of the new board, mergers and acquisitions, asset securitization, and other employee stock ownership, equity asset class on the basis of assets, under the premise of product design business, will become the focus of information management business of securities companies development.

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Traditional Chinese: 證券行業周報:著手準備“過冬”,資管業務面臨轉向