Nanjing farmers' field of rape seed domineering "robe"

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Original title: NANJING farmers field of rape seed domineering 'robe'

Rapeseed field of large-scale 'robe' pictorial landscape. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xiangshe

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Yang Kun Liuhe District of Nanjing Yangtze River Street robes secretary of the community

A field of rape 'grow' large sums of money recently robes photo spread network, causing many people's curiosity.

Photo, canola flower gown body do, do green seedlings chapter stripes, giant golden 'robe' in a green field against the backdrop of extraordinarily spectacular.

It is understood that this 194 meters long and 152 meters high, it may be the world's largest 'robe' appears in Liuhe District of Nanjing Yangtze River Street robes community by local farmers with rapeseed and wheat carefully 'embroidered.' In addition to this paragraph covering 108 acres of giant robes, but they are still an additional area of 140 acres of wheat land, grow the 'Dragons' pattern.

Yesterday, the Beijing News reporter Yang Kun dialogue Yangtze secretary of the community, as to why you want to kind of 'robe' crops in the ground? YangKun 11 years.

Beijing News reporter Gu Yue Fei Nanjing reports

Rice paddy art

Rice paddy art was originally an art form in Japan, various farmer by planting different varieties of rice in the paddy fields to paint. Since 1993, Aomori Prefecture, Japan Inakadate are held once a year, 'Paddy Art Festival' show farmers made the rice paddy art to attract visitors. now rice paddy art have appeared all over the world. China's Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Hunan and other places, in recent years there have been rice paddy art when first planted rice paddy art in the fields with the traditional line drawing , a draw squares, depending on the pattern fix the coordinates, and then pull strings to delineate the pattern or outline fonts, and finally purple seedlings planted, with the growth of rice, will be showing a pre-planned graphics or text. According to Baidu Encyclopedia

How embroidered 'robe map'?

Beijing News: Why think of the 'robes' creative?

Yang Kun: We here in Nanjing is one of the top ten tourism model village farmhouse, farmhouse develop better, especially the famous crab soup, but the visitors concentrated in the core area, surrounding villages tourists to get less people to make money. there are just two block field there, so thought out some characteristics of the landscape, mainly in the hope to increase awareness and attract tourists, promote tourism development that several villages to the masses revenue.

As for why the pattern select 'robes,' we seek a lot of views, on the one hand is definitely out some special things, the final choice of rice paddy art, the other one, we called this place 'robe town', according to legend Emperor Qianlong boat under south, passes through here, all of a sudden whirlwind will roll robes, robes falling to this. also the legendary ancient emperors to a lot of us here, and to taste crab soup. we derive inspiration, chose 'robe' and 'Dragons' pattern.

Beijing News: Now what effect?

Yang Kun: Now it seems the effect is very good, we have not publicity, online everywhere, we ourselves should be very surprised tourists feel more curious, after another two weeks because canola flower opened, robes results just out. is not the best, but there have been a lot of tourists come here especially.

In addition to robes, 'Dragons' is also very popular. When built, we deliberately designed it as a maze, it can not only watch, but also can go for a walk, many tourists like to take kids in there, 'adventure' .

To allow visitors to see more real, we are building the viewing platform, we experimented visitors 20 meters high, 100 acres of rice paddy art will be able to see clearly.

Beijing News: 'robe' species it is not difficult?

Yang Kun: the real implementation of it, in fact it is not difficult for the people in our village are their own species, dozens of farmers to get.

Beijing News: specifically how species?

Yang Kun: OK 'robe' pattern of wheat fields after they began to use drones in the air ready to embroider 'robe' in wheat field aerial photography, mapping to determine the punctuation connected the dots plotted robes graphics, printed in color screen renderings, and then printed in color 'robe' renderings curtain, a block of flat on 100 acres of wheat fields. come embroidered 'robe' in the hands of the villagers according to 'robe' renderings, under the guidance of technical staff, planting a variety of flowering shrubs in the pattern.

Beijing News: specifically how long it took much invested??

Yang Kun: before and after nearly 100 days to go, it did not cost much money invested, 'Dragons' took about 100,000, 'robe' It took more than 140,000.

Just make money, people would support

Beijing News: 'robes' and 'Dragons' This is an area of two hundred acres of landscape, people willing to come up to you?

Yang Kun: our village youth working outside more, the rest of the mostly elderly, people are not willing to kind of traditional crops, hard year, a year income is hundreds, even a thousand dollars are not. Therefore, we propose to carry out his sightseeing agriculture, the people agreed.

In fact, regardless of do anything, as long as the village there are benefits, allowing people to earn cash.

Beijing News: There are objections to it?

Yang Kun: In the beginning, it was proposed, why should this (robes, finally convinced our community is a tourist village, with not the same as other villages, people's thinking is more open, and more to do business. we all want to get some of the characteristics of things, so that visitors are willing to play.

Beijing News: So people would agree together species?

Yang Kun: We have set up a cooperative, farmers to join cooperatives land, then the land will be co unified management of these two views is the specific implementation of the cooperative.

Beijing News: What is the main task of the co-op?

Yang Kun: Cooperatives There are four tasks, one to develop tourism projects, and the second is to build the farmhouse, to transform the house into a peasant family empty farmhouse, is the third out of the community characteristics of agricultural sales, the fourth task, integration of community existing idle assets.

Beijing News: What people will reap the benefits?

Yang Kun: the one hand, tourists, and family farmers can receive room and board, to sell some agricultural products, etc., on the other hand, the people participating in the cooperative, but also participate in dividends at the end of cooperatives, our village people basically have joined cooperatives .

Beijing News: Revenue in this area can be more than growing crops?

Yang Kun: certainly more than, more than several times.

Rice paddy art will always kind of go

Beijing News: embroidered 'robe' in a cornfield can keep long-term retention How long can it??

Yang Kun: Now is the golden robes, etc. May rapeseed harvest, the second half would consider rice and other cash crops that time visitors can also see a purple shirt robes long as you maintain a good cash crop as a coordinate, dragon. gowns you can always kind of go.

Beijing News: next year whether or not a new idea, paddy plan would have been kind of go?

Yang Kun: will our plan is also to expand the land area of the painting, but also increase the interaction rides to the seasons have their own characteristics, of course, after the project is mature and ready to receive visitors tickets, the ticket sales will be. divided in cooperatives.

Beijing News: Are you optimistic about the 'robes' This tour farming?

Yang Kun: there must be a total of 31 future of our communities farmhouse, last year I forget, these farmhouse, earn less, and there are tens of thousands a, good management, income can be hundreds of thousands a year, more than farming. much easier. At least a little, with the 'robe', more visitors will come, farmhouse income will increase, people can sell agricultural products, the company's products will have a market. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.